Friday, October 16, 2009

Love is Digital

True Love is digital! If something can be represented in ones and zeros, then it must be by default a digital representation. So what is true love? Maybe what we are looking at can be quantified and maybe not, maybe the simple act of quantifying something as miraculous as love can be considered wrong. In the story True Love, Asimov attempts to use Milton's brain to figure out what true love would be. The question is, should we be attempting to put an emotion into a defined boundary. A good example of this is a few of my ex-girlfriends, they could be considered analytical and often questioned what love actually entails. These girls, and to be fair it was really one in particular continually asked what love is. However, I have to ask, are you defining love as actions that occur or are you going for a feeling that you have. If it's an action, then I believe love will have a wide range of definitions. One person may see love as being the act of giving something tangible or taking care of someone through physical means. Implications for believing love is directly linked to something physical are abundant. A good example of a negative to believing such a thing is the inability to give something of worth. Often times when objects are given as the sole love interest, then the worth of the object will have a direct correlation to the amount the giver has for the receiver (in the receiver's mind). Obviously this can cause huge problems for people that have a money issue, but beyond that the giver may not even know the person he/she loves is looking at the present in such a way. To the giver it could very well represent nothing other than it is nice to give, and the receiver will enjoy it. I know a lot of people are probably in a fit of argument-al outbreaks, however wait a moment and hear me out. All I'm really trying to say is true love is not something that can be shown through presents and when it is the probability of a let down is imminent.