Thursday, October 1, 2009

True Love By Isaac Asimov

Continuing my discussion of True Love By Isaac Asimov
The story of true love coming from the point of view of Isaac Asimov is definitely a unique one. Set in some indeterminate time in the future, Asimov develops quickly our view of the current events. The future is seen through the eyes of one man, but only in glimpses, his name is Milton Davidson. The feel I get when reading the story about Milton is the future is not much more advanced than our current society. I have come to this conclusion based off of the performance abilities of computers in the story, they are extremely important in everyday life and probably have a certain amount of artificial intelligence. However, computers in True Love are on the verge of human potential as we can tell from the Joe. Isaac Asimov has created the computer, Joe, that has the ability to talk. However it is interesting to note that Asimov states the computer has learned to talk based after his creator. We can easily see where Asimov is heading in True Love with his reference to a computer that has started off learning human abilities by mimicking the human though process.
More on this topic in the future, for now I gotta run.
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